happy halloween!

So if you’ve been around on the site and on chat you might have noticed lots of talk of upgrades. Along with converting everything to use SSL we’ve been working on a number of usability upgrades too.

Fluxcam has worked well for us, but there were a few bugs, which we’ve been working hard to iron out over recent weeks, and I think have been relatively successful. Thank you everyone who helped with testing & ideas 🙂

We’ve improved the video quality somewhat, and seem to have also mostly eliminated the random file-losses we got, which turn out to have been from switching stream resolutions part-way through a broadcast (and thus kills the transcoder mid stream).

Our sites are also constantly getting hit by bots trying to guess our logins which is a pain in the ass. So now we have a new system in place which seems to be handling the problem nicely. If you have problems with the system thinking you’re a bot when you’re not, please let me know. but so far it’s been pretty good. Like virtually 0 fake reg’s or logins and virtually 0 bruteforce attempts. The bots are there and they’re trying, they’re just getting blocked before they even get to a login form.

As a result, as you may have noticed, we’ve been able to mostly avoid using a captcha thing since installing this which is welcome too, although it was helping my arithmetic.

My Tribute page was exhibiting some peculiar behaviour too, which appears to have been resolved thanks to some excellent support. Apologies to anyone who tried to use it and was unsuccessful, hopefully it should work as intended now.

We still have some nice developments planned, watch this space 😉


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