We need your help – The “Cane-o-matic” project

Ok so this is a slightly different idea…bear with me here 😉

Whilst you all know me as Domme, some of you may also know I enjoy pain too – albeit more as a “non-submissive masochist”. I don’t really get off on the subby bit but i DO like being tied up and flogged/caned/whipped.

I’ve enjoyed a number of fluxcam sessions along those lines with this particular site member and I’m sure a few of you have been there for them, and they were enjoyed by one and all (as far as I could tell).


Normally in these sessions I work under instruction.. so he tells me what to cane/spank etc and I have to do it myself…which is ok but a little “subby” for my liking and (I think) could work better…

What we were thinking of would work a little bit like this video from xhamster:

That video is cool (if a little clinical) but we were thinking we could do better – and with yours truly being a bit of a fabrication diva as well as a bit of a hacker/coder we figured why not build a device which was remotely controllable… so basically a machine which has a cam mounted on it, which uses a couple of servos to set the angle and placement of the stroke, and then also has a motorised “caning” arm… that way I don’t need to cane myself… I can just be restrained to some extent and the user at the controls can control the machine and the level of pain I receive.

The recent electronic developments we’ve found (mentioned in previous posts) using little embedded systems, raspberry Pis, ESP8266 micropython modules etc make all this not just possible but quite straightforward, and well within the scope of what I could build, along with the appropriate software to control it over fluxcam.

As we chatted about it further we realised that some of my other members might also enjoy partaking… either watching or even taking control of the machine.

This particular member was planning to “sponsor” the project and buy the hardware for me, and then I’d build it and he could control it, however being a tad short on funds right now he can’t fully sponsor it yet – so we figured how about “crowd-funding” it?

Whilst most crowdfunding sites aren’t too keen on adult stuff, we already have the infrastructure in place to do it ourselves, using our fluxcam credits system.

So if this sounds like something you might like to be a part of, you can help this project along by donating a few bucks, with appropriate rewards depending on how much you donate…

Our goal is to raise $100-150 to cover the parts needed to build the device, and members who donate will get the following rewards:


  • Contribs of $5 or more will be allowed to watch the live show
  • Contribs of $15 or more will be admitted to the live show and be sent a download of the recording for their own private use (handy if you aren’t able to catch the live show)
  • Contribs of $25 or over will get access to the live show, a recording to download, and also be allowed control of the system for up to 10 strokes of the cane on my ass (or whatever).
  • Contribs of $45 or over will get access to the live show, sent the recording and be allowed to have a go at the controls spanking my ass remotely over cam for up to 20 strokes (ouch!).

Existing premium members will automatically get access to the live event, though obviously your donations would also be appreciated.

Currently contributions are at: $10 (2 contributions). I’ll update this as we progress.



Please note: It’s a one-off, non-recurring donation and you don’t have to be a member to contribute!

Below is a rough list of the parts we need to acquire:

  • 2x metal geared heavy duty servos capable of moving the “caning head”. These are probably the most expensives bits at around $25 each off ebay. We need two, to control the vertical and lateral aim of the cane.
  • reversible speed controller (like from an RC car) to operate the “caning” arm (operates as a servo). Comes in at about $15 off ebay
  • motor and gearbox from an RC car to provide the actual cane stroke. Alternatively we might use a windscreen wiper motor from a car as they’re quite powerful and tough. This will probably be one of the more expensive parts though I’m hoping we can pick up a whole RC car and rob the speed controller from it as well as the gearing.
  • esp8266 controller – provides the control interface


Go to HERE to contribute. The “Tribute the Cane-o-matic project” option should already be highlighted in the “Tribute a performer” section – just click to submit and choose your amount on the next page. You can check out using any major card (inc visa & mastercard).

As far as we can tell *nobody* else is doing this sort of thing but it seems to be eminently possible given what we have available technology-wise. Fluxcam would be the perfect medium to run it too and there would be a “cane-o-matic” control panel which would allow the system to be operated from anywhere in the world. Fun idea right?

If you think this is a great idea (or a dumb idea!)? Have your say below by voting and in the comments…

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