Become a sub – Information for potential long-term subs

A while ago I realised that if I was to achieve anything meaningful in what I’m doing now, I need to surround myself with some people I can rely on and trust 100%.

Most of my problems arise from people not doing what they say they will do. I’m not saying that things must never go wrong, that’s just life and is unavoidable. It’s how those problems are handled which is important, particularly when handled badly and subsequently spiral to create more problems.


So I’m recruiting people now for the next stage of my plan. By the time things get interesting they will have had time to prove themselves and will hopefully become part of my ongoing concern. So yes, at the moment it could be seen as a bit of fun, but if you seriously long to be fully owned and live the life 24/7 and be fully *immersed* in my world, the sessions, the filming, the 24/7 servitude and all that goes with it with no “real life” getting in the way…then please read these pages thoroughly (and my #1’s story, link below).

Positions available:

These are the long-term positions I have available. As a rule I will only take one sub from a given category so that I have time to dedicate to developing each of them and to avoid competition, or even the perception of competition.

ALL these positions will involve an ongoing financial component for the moment.

subs who are serious tend to behave differently from timewasters, so if I’ve structured things a certain way it’s because that’s how it has to be to filter out the timewasters. If you’re going to need a dozen support emails to complete the signup process then unfortunately you are too dumb for this ride.


Exactly what form our interactions will take will be decided on an individual basis. Obedience, dedication and doing what you say you will do are key.

I am not necessarily looking to fill all these positions. It’s more that these are the types of roles which would potentially be available.

I spend a lot of time and effort developing my submissives to be the best they can be so I choose carefully.

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”



Broke motherfuckers need not apply. A broke sub is no use to me. Fix it and try again.

There will likely be an entrance exam for each position. That doesn’t get you the position, it shows you’re serious and gets you the conversation about the position.

A degree of OCD (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed) would be very beneficial & preferred. Thoroughness is everything to me.
I have some pretty strong OCD tendencies (though never sought diagnosis) so tend to be disappointed by people who don’t have a similar attention to detail.

You need to be able to communicate using words and sentences in English. If you only ever give one line responses or are unable to speak English then it isn’t going to work. Likewise if every email is a 3-pager or you have no idea what full-stops or line-breaks are for then communication is simply going to be too time-consuming/painful to be worth it.

#1 all round helper, slut, driver, bodyguard, assistant, whipping boy (based in UK obvs) – VACANT/maybe!

Sissy slut – VACANT! (sissy sluts tend to be flakey as fuck though so expect to have to prove yourself)

Painslut – (possible candidates already, harder players only, position could also suit non-submissive masochist)

Findom/Financial slave – VACANT!  see my FinDomme page

Feet/boots slave – VACANT!

Car slave – I’m not even sure this is a “thing” but hey. If you’d like to fund the maintenance and/or performance upgrades on my car projects, get me a fuel card or can offer some other sort of practical help then this could be you.


If you think you have what it takes for any of those positions, and have read these pages thoroughly and think you fit the bill, please make sure you’re a Premium member and then get in touch via the contact form and introduce yourself.



1) Please make sure you are subscribed as a Premium member or you will receive an automated response, and your pathetic whiny begging emails may be published on this page for everyone to laugh at. I don’t care that your debit card is impounded at customs or your puppies ate your bank account. A broke sub, or a sub who’s too dumb to get his shit in order is of zero use to me.  If that’s you then well done, you have failed at the very first task. Fix it and try again.

2) Whilst not mandatory but if you want to stand out perhaps make a short intro video explaining or showing why I should pick you. Fun examples might include inflicting pain on yourself, doing something degrading or demonstrating some special “skill” you have or whatever. If your entry is entertaining enough I might publish it on my Wall-of-Shame or twitter feed.


Tip: In general, when I “suggest” something, what I actually mean is “do it, don’t argue”.

Genuine enquiries will always be taken seriously. One-line messages will be ignored.




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