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Updates! New version of Fluxcam is now live \o/

Ok so it seems like it’s been *forever* in the making, but finally the new version of Fluxcam is now live and deployed to all Fluxcam-enabled sites.

It’s still “tentatively” live..I’m expecting to find some issues along the way but the bones of it seem to work.

This new version has been an *epic* amount of effort to finish, but it adds a bunch of new features and usability updates including:

  • “TV” channels – this was a major request from our regulars – now when there’s nobody on cam, the system can be set to auto-play files/recordings from a designated folder – so no more staring at black boxes when there’s no performers online.
  • Username embedded in stream name/recording – before we couldn’t tell which recording was from which user, now the whole streaming structure has been re-written and now we’ll know which recording is from a given user/room etc
  • No limit on the number of simultaneous streams per chatroom – so rather than just having  feed1 and feed2 like before, now each user who has permission to do so can stream,  and users can tune in to a particular user’s streams, or go with the defaults.
  • Many, many, many background updates to make things a bit more secure, improve performance/responsiveness with many users, and just sort the code out from the spaghetti mess it had evolved into, which had made it almost impossible to work on.
  • The ability for performers/dommes to grab still frames from live streams for instant posting to twitter etc.
  • Credits/payment system – this isn’t live yet but it a massive part of this upgrade – building on the “credits” system we’ve been testing for the last 6mo or so, this now adds the ability for particpating Fluxcam sites to enable the buying of credits very simply – e.g. to tip performers, for private shows or whatever.  There’s also a whole bunch of back-end stuff which means now that models can withdraw credits and GET PAID for performing (75% payout, 2 weeks clearing, or 70% payout and 1 week clearing). All credits balances will be set back to 0 when this goes live, and sites will need to be approved by the payment provider

This should still all work on all the devices it did before (i.e. android users please use “dolphin browser”, “flashfox” or “Puffin browser” and IOS users please stay with “puffin browser”.


*THANK YOU* (dear users) for your patience while I’ve been working on these updates, there’s still plenty to do but the rest we can sort along the way 😉 Hopefully I should be able to spend more time actually *using* the system now rather than just working on it!

For starters I’ll be on cam from now most of this weekend testing the new setup out and making sure it’s all working as it should be… do pop by and say hi 🙂


SSL and other upgrades

Just a little note to let you my dear members know that we’re now fully SSL’d up here. That means the filthy things you type on fluxcam are now encrypted in transit. You should see the little padlock icon in the address bar like on other SSL sites.

It should basically work without you having to do anything, where SSL is available it’ll be used. The server which handles fluxcam also runs it’s own SSL so now any inter-server communications are also encrypted too (as well as SSH-tunneled).

There’s still a couple of bugs, but we’re working on those at the moment but [apparently fixed]… so far it seems to be working. We appreciate your patience in the mean time. Enjoy chatting more privately now. More to come soon 😉


Updates, lots of updates…

Well it’s been a while since I last posted on here…have I been idle I hear you ask? Not in the slightest!

The more observant among you dear readers may have noticed that alongside the new “Fluxcam” camming setup there’s now a “recordings” page too.

I’ve held off posting about it in too much detail since it’s been very much in development and has been changing so rapidly that by the time I got to write about it things had changed already, but finally things seem to have stabilised long enough to actually write about what we’ve been up to.

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Back! ….so that was awkward

It’s sod’s law…just when I get everything running just how I wanted we suffer a hardware failure and we’re offline completely. Arg!

Either way we’re back now and it’s highlighted the need for backup systems which is being dealt with in due course…hopefully we’ll be around for a while this time 🙂

Site pretty much finished…apologies for the outages

ok so whilst not very sexy in of itself (unless you’re a geek like me), the website does now seem to be working as intended, the payment processing is live and works, and even the slight stability issues we were having with the “wormhole” should now be resolved too.

There’s a few pages which still need tidying up, and it needs a bit of speed optimisation and I have to implement my spambot-filtering method but they’re relatively minor things which will be fixed over the coming weeks.

The site should work on all platforms and devices, I’ve tested it on every device and browser I have and it works fine, but if you have problems with it please to let me know, either by email or using the contact form.

That’s it from me – I’m going to take the rest of the weekend off from webdev stuff now and have some fun on cam!