As some of you may know I am a bit of a tech-head, not just with cars but with computers and such too. I spent over a decade writing software, developing websites and such and whilst I don’t do so much of that any more I do have a few little projects on the go.


  • JCIbuddy – the smart “Little Black Book” for Adultwork Camgirls

WordPress Plugins:

These are pretty much just written for my own use but the plugin format expects a url so I’ve added these for completeness and also to provide brief help for anyone using them.

  • NF_guestshortcode
  • NF_stattoverify
  • NF_gallerygrid


Whilst still somewhat “bespoke” at this point, in essence this is a wordpress-plugin which integrates with an nginx-on-linux-based RTMP streaming architecture to provide a flexible, multi-channel, multi-room H.264-over-rtmp-based dual-cam (i.e. two simultaneous cam feeds+chat) camming & (subsequent) VOD setup. It records the cam feeds by default which gives you a steady stream of fresh content to deliver as VOD.

Sort & archive the recordings on the site and push archived content to google drive for essentially unlimited nearline storage. Using drive also means you offload all the preview-generation stuff to google which saves your server processing, and you get to preview archived recordings on all devices including “native flv” recordings on IOS..which I found no other way of playing easily. (uses the drive app in each case).
The “processing” part of it is currently just watermarking but there’s no reason more elaborate compositions couldn’t be made if needed since the fundamentals are already in place. Processing is based around “avconv” (like ffmpeg) and is done server-side in-browser, so you can go from camshow->recordings->select->watermark->publish all within the space of a few mins without leaving the browser. It allows multiple users for each stage of production so you can draft in additional personnel to help where it’s needed e.g. cam performers, sorters & editors, archive managers etc.
Additionally all but the “publishing” part (i.e. streaming to the site) works on mobile too – so you can watch dual concurrent video streams and participate in the text chat on both IOS and Android with only a quick download of a specific browser needed in each case: “Puffin browser” on IOS and “dolphin” or “flashfox” on android.
There’s not really a bigger plan at this point for fluxcam, it was written because it’s what we needed, but its not unfeasible that a system like that would be useful to someone else, so if that’s you then I’d be happy to discuss options. The system has been in daily service since it first went into action in spring 2015, and whilst by no means perfect and there’s lots more planned for it, it’s already quite a comprehensive and handy setup 🙂
Fluxcam is built on/around free software (linux, nginx+rtmpmodule, avconv, fvio browser/cam module) so no pesky licensing fees and minimal startup costs, and it runs on quite modest hardware too \o/


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