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Corset & Gratuitous Cleavage….

just had a bit of a result…I have a number of corsets that I hardly ever wear because I never had enough to fill the bust-line properly.

…but I just tried one on again and clearly *something* has changed!

Far from trying to fill the corset I’m actually falling out of it… which is a lovely feeling 😀

I’m switching to estrogen gel soon too which should give me better absorbtion so hopefully we’ll be looking forward to more growth in Q1 of 2015.

#gratuitouscleavage #corset #transsexual #boobs #winning



ok well yesterday was actually a rather special day – I had a clinic appointment which turned out to be my last one. I got the all-clear from Dr Suporn, my farewell stash of meds, photos of the operation and after lots of hugs all round made my way back to the Tide Resort and celebrated in the sun on the balcony with a bottle of bubbly I’d been saving for the occasion. The only thing missing was my fiancée who I’d have preferred to share it with.

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