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I guess we’re back!

So the site is still a bit of a mess but here we are…it lives again!

I will be knocking the site into shape over coming days/weeks, please don’t try to buy anything as there’s no merchant account connected up. I’ll let you know if/when it’s ok to do so. If you have old logins they ought to still work.

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The Best Vibrator ever? The Doxy Diecast

I’ve been meaning to write a review of this for ages now, but I also wanted to do so once I’d seen it in service for a decent amount of time.

It’s a pretty well documented fact that I’m heavy on my kit…whether it’s cars, cameras, computers or my vibrators they ALL have a hard life. My cameras spend hours/days in hot & sweaty environments and end up covered in lube during shoots, my cars get driven relentlessly hard, my computers spend much of their lives working flat out too…and that’s no different for my┬ávibrators.

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