New corset test pics…

I’ve really gotten to like the strappy corset i’ve been using til now, but it was quite a basic one as it is and it’s been well used. Then I saw a pic of Mistress Damazonia in a lovely corset with buckles and straps across the front, but *proper* buckles, not just decorative.

So i started looking for one to suit my needs and ended up with this lovely leather number. The fit is really good and it seems well made so hopefully it lasts

Also it seems to frame my tits perfectly, which i very much like..see what you think?

I’ve never said this before but holy shit my body is hot af, especially considering where I started off

More techno nonsense…

trying to figure out where the RC-505 fits into the setup so lots of experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t and what I can actually do with it..both in a live setup as well as “creator” mode. Both mixes are quite stomping, “Fire up reactor” is sorta verging on schranz even. “You ain’t it” is testing the live-remixing possibiities of something I’d recorded earlier on the 505 to see if i could l could produce a twisted version of it live from the original samples, condensed into a ~3min single track. I’ll post the original if i can find a decent version

audio-only podcast version with MP3s is here:

Or type “LD50 Techno” into itunes or literally any search page.

New podcast episode: 013: No resuscitation

Preview clip)

CW: Suicide, death (just the 1st track).

This is the first attempt at using the Kaoss pads as ‘decks’ and trying to actually turn individual tracks/ideas into a somewhat coherent mix, still all hardware and all live and mostly improvised. Run time: 1:10 hrs

Podcast link:

Itunes link:

You should also be able to find the podcast on castbox etc by searching on “LD50 Techno”

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Poisoned Hypno 3

Some more experimenting with hypno-style stuff for my special little twisted puppy(s).

This is also a new type of post in that the content only unlocks for one specific user.

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The Best Vibrator ever? The Doxy Diecast

I’ve been meaning to write a review of this for ages now, but I also wanted to do so once I’d seen it in service for a decent amount of time.

It’s a pretty well documented fact that I’m heavy on my kit…whether it’s cars, cameras, computers or my vibrators they ALL have a hard life. My cameras spend hours/days in hot & sweaty environments and end up covered in lube during shoots, my cars get driven relentlessly hard, my computers spend much of their lives working flat out too…and that’s no different for my┬ávibrators.

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