Yeah so not only is ya girl gorgeous and smart and funny but she’s also a “bit” of a techno nerd. Music is one of the main “clean” tools I use to help manage my moods and stress/anxiety. If I’m having a flap I just put that mix on and by my reckoning it’s equivalent to about 10mg diazepam.


I do two types of music primarily. Techno and Chillout/downtempo. I love techno to bits. It’s The One but I have enough trouble trying to relax as it is, so I don’t need to be adding more hyper in my life, and unfortunately the rush I get from doing a good techno set can take a couple of days to wear off (that whole exaggerated emotional responses thing).

Hence the foray into chillout/downtempo and more sedated sounds. It’s basically all the same noises as techno but slower so you have more time to listen to it, more detail and perhaps with an emphasis on spacial/deep tones and uplifting melodies. Well…I’m working on that last bit anyway so we don’t just always end up at “menacing clattering” 😉

The best place to start is probably my Techno Podcast which is actually updated fairly regularly. There’s a good mix of stuff on there. For some of the slower/tripping stuff you’re gonna have to dig a bit more here .

You can also get my podcast on iTunes here: