Noderunner home

This is a new structure I’m building out.. I don’t really know how to come back to a lot of the old pages – some of it’s relevant, but some of it isn’t so I’m sorta keeping the framework but starting somewhat over re page contents.

It’s built using a slightly different approach to pages, idk if it’ll work well or not but it’s based on something i wrote many years ago and relied on heavily at the time. Again, idk if that will translate across to wordpress but we’ll see.

Basically those links on the right let you navigate forwards as well as backwards. Each node/page hs links to related nodes but you can also see what other pages/nodes link to that one.

In use that makes it quite quick for me to build large complex content structures where the menus take care of themselves, and I find it’s quite an intuitive way to organise data and mapping out new ideas. We used to have a version on our home server and it was great but then ceaseless march of technology and my mopve to linux rendered the platform it ran on obsolete.

Please feel free to explore, but this is all a bit of a building site atm.