Wall of Shame

Reluctant as I am to re-tread old ground, sometimes when you get it right there’s no choice.

Since somehow I still seem to be inundated with people with a desperate urge to send me a pic of their tiny cock or them in panties or whatever other humiliating suggestion pops into my head at the time of asking, i feel it may be time to reinstate the wall of shame.

So if you want to feel better about yourself, feast your eyes on the buffet of pathetic losers below, most of whom have paid for the priviledge of being on here, either with money or with pain.

And if for whatever unimaginable reason you would like to join them, here’s how it works:

First you send a tip either to my OnlyFans or via Bitcoin. I would suggest that since the average cock is about 6″, you should send $5 for every inch you are under that. So if you’re 1.5″ hard (lol!) then that would be 6″ minus 1.5″ = 4.5″. 4.5 x $5 = $22.50.

Once you have sent, then and ONLY then, are you allowed to send me a pic of your barely existent member for this shameful collection. For extra credit you can write my name on your body somewhere “Niki Flux”, make sure to spell it right.

If you’re wanting humiliation & exposure, then I’m not sure what could be more humiliating that literally paying someone you’ve never met and who doesn’t really want to see your dick, a tax per “inch of inadequacy” in order to then appear in a gallery of ridicule. But hey maybe that’s just me.