I’ve recently changed my schedule which means I can now do weekend dungeon sessions too (I had a lot of people asking for this). I still tend to cam friday night sicne it’s a busy time for me but saturday and sunday evenings are now an option too.

Other than that, as usual I am available for evening sessions during the week as usual too.

I don’t do mornings, at all, ever, sorry. I’m not a morning person and even getting up around lunchtime, with the amount of preparation I have to do for a session (body, kit, travel) late afternoons and evening/night sessions are the only real option.

I am generally pretty busy so whilst it’s worth asking, I generally can’t do appointments at short notice. Normally it’s generally safe to assume I’m booked up a week or so in advance.

This info will likely change over time as I develop and refine it. If you’re reading this and it’s during the week please feel free to drop me a message and we can arrange a chat online or otherwise please catch me at the weekend on DirectCam.

Please see the sections below for more information:
– Availability