I’ve not been doing face-to-face sessions the last couple of years due to Covid and having immunocompromised partner would have been an unacceptable risk to her health – it just wasn’t feasible. However, things have changed quite a bit here at Flux Towers and we are once again open for sessions.

A dungeon session is quite a special, intimate thing (for you to be allowed so close to me) and that means I want to know what makes you tick and how to push your buttons before we even get close to the dungeon. I’m not willing to go into that situation with someone who I have doubts over either and your behaviour from the very outset tells me what to expect from you. So be polite, use words and punctuation, follow the process. It exists for my safety and yours. And it’s Mistress with a capital M.

If you’re an old sub or someone I used to chat to on cam please go ahead and get in touch, I’m most likely to engage with “known entities” that can follow instructions rather than randos who turn up at the last minute, try to haggle, don’t want to pay a deposit and generally just waste my time. New applicants…don’t be that guy 😉

Please note that whilst a session might seem expensive, it’s not just the 2 hours you’re booking for – requires several hours of body preparation the previous day as well as kit preparation/packing, plus since I don’t live at the dungeon there’s also travel time and venue fees – so there’s actually quite a lot of background work going into this that you don’t see. If you flake on the day I’ve still spent the previous day doing all my body prep and I still get charged for the dungeon too, hence the deposit beforehand *every single time*.

I also like to have spoken to clients in some detail before accepting a session, so that I know what makes you tick before either of us even sets foot in the dungeon. For me the Domme/sub relationship is usually about a mental connection rather than any particular physical activity. The physical activity is just an expression of the mental connection.

Obviously my way of doing things isn’t going to be for everyone. That’s ok, I only have limited times when I can do sessions anyway so it’s not a problem. Hopefully the following pages will help you establish whether I’m the right Domme for you to see.

Please also understand, you are paying for my attention. I’m very fortunate to live a generally quite enjoyable lifestyle and since I don’t date guys the chances are that in day-to-day life I wouldn’t have any reason or wish to interact with you in any sort of even remotely sexual way. Thanks to the efforts of your past self, you have the opportunity to change that situation and become part of my world for a short period of time.

During our paid interactions you will have the benefit of my full attention, which is a rare thing. Don’t be a whiny bitch and try to get stuff for free – doing so basically means you don’t respect my experience, talents and time and thereby effectively disqualify yourself as a candidate.

The Process

Since the Domme/sub relationship is primarily about control anyway, you can assume that control starts right here, with you following these steps. If you can’t follow the steps then you’re probably not ready yet.

1) You read these pages, all of them. If you’re still interested you contact me << YOU ARE ON THIS STEP

2) You send me a tribute of £50 in Bitcoin using my payment page here. Since I’m not camming on adultwork anymore this shows me that you’re serious and have understood the process, and also confirms you’re not a broke-ass-bitch.

3) We arrange a time and spend a while chatting so I can get an idea of what you’re interested in.

3) If we get on and have a good interest overlap then we’ll figure out a time which works and I’ll accept your booking.  If not I’ll let you know why not.

4) You send deposit for booking and I confirm date and time once venue is booked. The deposit is non-refundable.

5) You read and follow the preparation steps detailed here which apply to our session.


Please see the sections below for more information:
– Introduction