What I DO and DON’T Cover

I cover a lot of things in general, particularly the more “edgeplay” end of things and I particularly enjoy unusual or interesting fetishes.

My only real no-go areas are No minors or ageplay (not even in fantasy chat/roleplay) and No animals, No raceplay.

What I love above all else is CONTROL, which can be achieved any number of ways. These are some of my favourites:


Whips, flogging, electricity/tasing/tens, needles, trampling, kicking, CBT etc. This is one of my main areas of interest. Simply put I enjoy inflicting pain on people who enjoy being hurt. I enjoy receiving pain myself too so I know what I’m dishing out. Obviously there’s some limitations over cam since I can’t physically hurt you, but I can instruct you to do things which will cause you pain. This needs some preparation on your part though since you’ll need implements (e.g. pegs, needles, shoelaces, weights etc) to carry out my instructions.

I have a particular thing for needles so if that’s your thing I’ll be happy to oblige. I know a lot of people don’t cover it but I have no problem with a bit of blood in the mix either.


Control over your state of consciousness is something I very much enjoy and intox and breathplay go so very well together. This can involve elaborate preparation and specialist equipment like masks and rebreathers or can be very simple. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have with just a plastic bag and a bottle of poppers 😉

All enquiries are treated as confidential so I’m happy to entertain ideas not mentioned here.


When done right, findom is an amazing rush for both the Domme and the sub, and it works incredibly well over the internet and other digital communication methods which makes it a great option if you are genuinely into submission & being controlled.

Unfortunately, I feel that many people get the wrong idea about Findom. They think it’s just about giving someone your money, and yes that can be one form of it, but I think there’s so much more to it.

Money is just the medium for control

In Findom, money is like TCP/IP packets on your computer. In themselves they’re pretty dull,  it’s what you can do with them when you put them together in a meaningful way which is where it gets interesting (like when they allow you to watch porn on your phone!)

Likewise I’m not really interested in the “bratty findom/princess” thing, IMHO findom isn’t really about the money itself, it’s about the control it gives, and that can be exercised well on even quite a modest budget.

It can be as simple as regular tributes which mean you know you’re making my life better or can involve more direct action with games and such. It can also be about giving something up to benefit your Superior – the absolute value of what you give up isn’t really relevant, it’s what it means to *you*.

For example you could have a sub who sees one online Domme one day and another the next, each time promising his total devotion and neither of the Dommes are any the wiser. However if (using an extreme example) that same sub handed over his entire pay-packet as a show of devotion, that’s it. It’s final. He can’t go and do the same the next day because the money has been spent.

It’s that degree of “absoluteness” and finality which I think makes findom so powerful. It’s a very accurate and flexible way of showing true devotion, in a number of fun ways.

Some of my favourite cam sessions ever have been Findom sessions, and they didn’t actually involve that much money, but people who are genuinely on my same wavelength about the subject is a rarity.

Bitcoin has made this even more interesting – this is something I’ll be writing more about soon.


Virtually nothing happens in my dungeon sessions without some sort of bondage. Restraint is control and we all know how I like that.

Whilst it’s a bit harder to do on cam since I can’t actually tie you up, even a little touch of bondage goes well with nearly every activity. Clingfilm and pallet-wrap, belts, chains and beautiful rope. I love them all and have been tying myself and others up in various ways for many years. It works well in fantasy-based as well in activity-based sessions so whether it’s being cuffed to a railing and gang-banged in a fantasy chat or belts round your arms and legs as I make you hurt yourself while fellating a cucumber in your wife’s panties, bondage is likely to feature somewhere along the way.

I’m still working on these pages so will fill them in more in due course. Most of my sessions revolve primarily around one of the subjects above, but may include elements from the list below:

– Medical / bandage / cast / surgical

– Feminisation including surgery, hormones, hucow, dolcett & fuck-doll

– Blood / knives / sharp things in general

– Feet/heels/boots

– PVC/latex

– Humiliation/degradation

– Watersports

– Predicament play

– General inappropriateness & Taboo (No ageplay though sorry)

– JOI / Jerk off instruction

– SPH / Small penis humiliation

– CEI / Cum eating instruction