Preparation – DOs and DON’Ts

I do my utmost to prepare myself inside and out before our sessions…I expect the same of you.

Being well prepared for a session is key to success. Below are a couple of things which should be helpful.


General preparation

This might sound obvious but shower before you arrive. If you’re a  sweaty, smelly mess when you arrive you simply won’t be admitted into the dungeon. In that case I will keep your deposit, you’ll have wasted a trip and will have pissed me right off which means future bookings will also be rejected.

There are a range of reasonably-priced hotels just a short distance away so if you’re coming straight from work or from travelling you can check in at one of them before the session which will give you time to prepare as well as somewhere to relax afterwards should you wish to.

This guide also has a lot of good tips. Read it even if this is not your first time.


Preparation for Anal Play

If our session involves any kind of anal activity then I require you to “clean out” beforehand. This is basically an enema and ensures your ass is nice and clean before our session.

“Unwelcome arrivals” (i.e. shit) will have *severe* (painful, and not the fun kind of painful) consequences.



Once you have Cleaned Out, do not eat anything before the session since your body operates a pretty predictable “one in, one out” system.

I use a bulb-type douche like this which (along with some lube or cream) is cheap and very effective. If you have never used one before there is a rough guide below which you can use. The guide uses bottled water but the process is the same for a bulb-douche.


I find 3 rounds of cleaning (with 2 bulb-fulls to fill) is a pretty reliable minimum.

Cleaning Out properly involves relaxing and can take a while so it’s good to have done it before you arrive since time you spend cleaning out comes out of your booking. There will be a fresh douche & lube on site for you to have a quick final rinse before our session. 


Please see the sections below for more information:
– Before your session – preparation DO’s and DON’Ts