Safety, Security, Hygene


I take safety, and hygene very seriously. In fact I’m a bit of a hygene nut. I also think that if you’re going to do potentially dangerous things, you need to be well prepared and suitably protected. That’s never truer than here.

Since I don’t know where you’ve been and you don’t know where I’ve been, and I presume we both would like to lead long and healthy lives, any contact with mucous membranes and/or bodily fluids will require some sort of barrier/protection.

So in layman’s terms that means anything involving lips, anus, pussy, cock or blood will need protection.


Examples of things which don’t need protection:

– You kissing my feet/legs/thighs etc

– Me whipping you

– Me facefucking you with a strapon


Examples of things which DO need protection:

– My fingers in your ass (I’d wear latex gloves)

– You licking my pussy or rimming me (would need some sort of “dental dam” like cling film)

– Blood play (e.g. me cutting or poking you with needles would have me wearing protective gloves)



Protection doesn’t have to be a mood killer..

This is quite a major point – protection doesn’t have to be something which prevents fun, it can be part of it.  It’s a question of imagination.

For example I might have you tied up and “bagged” for breathplay (i.e. plastic bag over your head)…I could then happily sit on your face too. Barrier requirements met and definitely still fun 😉

Latex gloves can also be used in many situations and honestly I think they add to a situation rather than detracting from it.


Anything involving blood

I love blood(-play), cutting, needles etc but it’s also inherently dangerous so as part of that I’m also extra careful. I always carry a stock of pre-injection swabs and anything involving needles and such will mean I wear suitably protective latex gloves, as well as protection in case of splashes.


Your safety

Apart from that it makes good business sense not to kill your client-base, perhaps surprisingly, I take your safety very seriously.

The dungeon I use has a Certified First Responder” literally 5 seconds away. One yell from me and he’ll be in the dungeon like a shot and able to administer first-aid.

So for example in a session involving breathplay & int0x, I’ll be constantly monitoring your status both through checking your perceived level of “fuckedness” by asking you for a number between 1 and 10 (where 1 is totally sober and 10 is KO) but also through non-subjective methods – e.g body temperature, slurring of speech, pupil dilation, general demeanour.

I’ve spent enough time around people on the edge of consciousness to know when someone’s in a bad way and needs help, but even with the best will in the world mishaps do happen so it’s good to have someone qualified on hand to help.



Perhaps less surprisingly, I’m also very interested in my own security and well-being.

So whilst it’s never been a problem for me, particularly because I vet my clients thoroughly and I’m actually bigger than most of them so can normally look after myself, in case of any problems  that Certified First Responder (who also happens to be a 6-foot ex-bodybuilder) will happily remind any unruly clients of their manners and/or eject them from the premises in no uncertain terms.


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