New podcast episode: 013: No resuscitation

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CW: Suicide, death (just the 1st track).

This is the first attempt at using the Kaoss pads as ‘decks’ and trying to actually turn individual tracks/ideas into a somewhat coherent mix, still all hardware and all live and mostly improvised. Run time: 1:10 hrs

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You should also be able to find the podcast on castbox etc by searching on “LD50 Techno”

So rather than trying to have all the synths synced live with midi which works for an individual track/sound but makes "progression" very difficult, this is more relying on having sampled the synth bits I liked and loaded them into the kaoss pads to build up into tracks on the fly, and then mix with. This was recorded on 2x Kaossilator Pro and 1x Kaoss pad KP3, plus some external FX. OMost of the sounds were also originated on the Kpros, but also some samples from TD-3 and 777. This also is the first tiem I’ve included any vocal stuff (whcih i’m kinda nervous about tbh) but hey.

Just to be clear the first track is kinda dark, but I was trying to write lyrics to get bad thoughts out of my head so that I didn’t do something i’d regret, it’s not a statement of intent (and besides i wrote this a cpl of months ago). On the subject of DNRs, please spare a thought for all the learning-disabled people in the UK who were issued involuntary DNRs in case they got covid. Yeah – that’s pretty messed up right? #hardwarelive #dawless #undiagnosed #mentalhealth #ADHD #Depression #deathobsession #bipolar

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