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Special guest tonight on #Fluxcam

As some of you may have heard in chat today, we’ve got our first special guest tonight on #fluxcam!

Guvorness Ely has been kind enough to loan us her “prissy sissy” Charlotte, who’ll be performing and playing on cam for us from a little after 9pm (we’re running a bit late, my bad).

The show will be open to free and premium members so why not come along and join in the fun 🙂

As usual we’ll be posting updates on the #fluxcam hashtag on twitter.

Hope to see you there!



Sissy sindy sucks off “chad” nutcracker, a trucker and wannabe toymaker/elf

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Backstory: Chad aka “nutcracker” is a trucker but wannabe toymaker/elf who is on his way to the north pole to try and get a job with Santa. He also has a bit of a christmas fetish. On his journey he encounters our sissy syndi sucking guys off in a truckstop bathroom. Chad has a bit of a thing for sissies and likes to stroke his beard and feel christmassy while spanking the sissy slut as she sucks him off…

The full video of syndi performing for us on #FLUXCAM to follow shortly for premium members. Includes lots of syndi prancing around like a little slut and sucking “chad” off, quite a lot of spanking and a surprising number of christmassy elements.
This video was filmed in front of a live chatroom audience. This is a recording from the #FLUXCAM stream. Check the channel at weekends and random times to take part in future frolics like this.

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