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No more face-to-face sessions now till after surgery…

Just a quick note to let you know I’m not going to be doing any more face-to-face sessions now till after my surgery. I wasn’t actually planning on stopping at this point but it’s just how it’s worked out with getting STD tested etc so it is what it is.

I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to resume sessions but it will definitely not be before I’m back from Thailand in November, more likely after the New Year or later (if all goes well). If there’s complications it might be later/never.

Obviously I’m hoping everything goes to plan and wishing for a speedy recovery so I can get back to it, but at this point it’s all an unknown….

Till I head off to Thailand in Sept I’ll still be on cam every weekend and the odd week-day as usual…(my adultwork: http://t.co/ZUqE14gzt2)

For those who’ve missed “with-cock” sessions and feel like they’re missing out, I’ve bought some kit to make silicone replicas of my (somewhat) legendary cock…I’ll post pics of progress so watch this space to see how the initial tests go 😉


Website updates, photos, face-to-face Domme sessions

So it’s been a bit of a while since my last updates on here…things ended up getting all out of sync while I figured out where I’m headed with work stuff.

I’ve kept my Twitter, Fetlife, Modelmayhem etc all up to date with pics from recent photo-shoots and antics but kept getting further and further behind on this site which is daft really since it should be the other way around.


Either way it’s now pretty much all up to date and I’ll continue to add any bits I’ve missed over coming days.

As has been the case mostly this year, I’ve still mostly been trying to gather experience by working with photographers and inevitably you don’t start off with “extreme-bondage-fuckfest” so many of the latest pics are still fairly “glamour”-ey rather than outright filth. I’m still working on finding people who are reliable and share interests to do some more out-there stuff but it’s been proving challenging to put it mildly. The search continues.

The other major news is that I’m finally able to offer face-to-face domme sessions on an ongoing basis. I found a lovely little dungeon near Milton Keynes which is *superbly* equipped, convenient for me and not far from Junction 14/15 of the M1 either so is pretty much perfect for my needs. The space allows me to pretty much everything I’ve ever discussed as an option as well as a few things I’d never heard of.

If I know you already and you want to book then just get in touch, if we haven’t sessioned or played online then please get in touch and we can talk in a bit more detail about what you want and whether I’m the right person for you to see.

There’s full info about face to face sessions on the “Book a session” button on the site. Please have a read of the page thoroughly as I’ve really tried to cover all the common (and less common) questions. Asking questions which are answered on that page is likely to elicit sarcastic remarks!

I’ve also been getting out and about and been to a couple of MKFN (Milton Keynes Fetish Night) events at Pink punters, including taking part in a flogging demo at the last one this thurs just gone (see latest pic with yummy marks). It’s been great fun, I’ve learnt *shitloads* so far, seen some fun demos and have met some really interesting people with some stunning ideas for shoots and sessions, which I’m hoping to put into practice soon!

I’m hoping to be at MKFN regularly so if you’re interested in meeting socially search “MKFN” on fetlife and you’ll find the event page.

stay kinky 😉