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Lexy & Flux Part 3


Part 3 of the “Lexy and Flux” short films I shot with the gorgeous Lexus Bradbury earlier this year.

In this short film and the final part of this set we get darker still. After our makeout session and previous light flogging rather than becoming subdued and submissive Lexy got quite larey and kept challenging me saying she could take whatever I could dish out (lol!).

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Two new Video clips – TS Kelly-Anne squirting and me flogging/spanking Lexus Bradbury

As the title suggests I’ve added two new clips to the Videos section. These are the first ones featuring people other than myself solo so it marks quite a nice point to have reached.

The first is quite a lighthearted clip with me spanking TS Lexus Bradbury’s ass (of Lexusbradbury.com), and the other is me filming another friend, TS Kelly-Anne (of TSkellyanne.com) who is intersex and can squirt (more like “gush” really) like some genetic women can, as well as normal style orgasms. That’s not something I was expecting or even knew was possible so when she kicked off with it as I was filming I was surprised to put it mildly!

The clips are viewable to Premium Members, just like all the other content, and there’s a Pay-per-view option to watch just those individual clips if you prefer that option. There’s also links to the same clips on Adultwork if it’s easier for you to do with AW credits.

I’m very pleased with both clips and though we’re obviously not a big studio I think we’ve produced content we can be very pleased with….hopefully you’ll enjoy watching them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them 🙂

See them here:

TS Kelly-Anne Squirting

Spanking Lexy’s Ass