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We need your help – The “Cane-o-matic” project

Ok so this is a slightly different idea…bear with me here 😉

Whilst you all know me as Domme, some of you may also know I enjoy pain too – albeit more as a “non-submissive masochist”. I don’t really get off on the subby bit but i DO like being tied up and flogged/caned/whipped.

I’ve enjoyed a number of fluxcam sessions along those lines with this particular site member and I’m sure a few of you have been there for them, and they were enjoyed by one and all (as far as I could tell).


Normally in these sessions I work under instruction.. so he tells me what to cane/spank etc and I have to do it myself…which is ok but a little “subby” for my liking and (I think) could work better…

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