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Made it through surgery ok…

just a quick post to let you know I made it through ok and assuming no dramas I the next few days I think we’re good. tbh service was a lot better in thailand  but I survived 🙂

I plan to sleep till about the 15th and the. gently start easing back into work…got a lot of video to edit (at last!)




So, more surgery…..

As some of you know, as well as a bunch of other changes going on in my life,  I’ve been rather ill recently with gallstones. This has been *very* painful and started towards the end of July and has been ongoing ever since. Some days are better than others but most of the last few weeks has been spent in constant pain, (actually not far off Thailand levels at times) and heavily dosed-up on All The Meds.

I’ve tried to be in fluxcam chat as much as possible but obviously when in pain sexytime on cam hasn’t really been an option. I’ve tried to let my premium members know by email and in chat and ofc I’ve been tweeting about it the whole way but in case somehow you weren’t aware, that’s what’s been going on and why.

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Picks from our “curator”

ok so with the Fluxcam recordings we literally produce so much porn that we have no idea what to do with it all.

So we have a gal, whose “job” it is to watch all our fluxcam recordings, delete anything inappropriate but also flag nice clips for later processing.

The idea is that this person will see things differently from us and might pick clips we’d never think to publish. This is the first of their picks….which is where I’m discussing the trip to thailand and the surgery/aftercare & costs (whilst playing with my pussy)

Honestly I’m not sure why you’d want to hear me wittering on about that but I trust our curator so here goes 🙂

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ok well yesterday was actually a rather special day – I had a clinic appointment which turned out to be my last one. I got the all-clear from Dr Suporn, my farewell stash of meds, photos of the operation and after lots of hugs all round made my way back to the Tide Resort and celebrated in the sun on the balcony with a bottle of bubbly I’d been saving for the occasion. The only thing missing was my fiancée who I’d have preferred to share it with.

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Surgery went well so far…..

just a quick blog to say thanks for all the messages of support, surgery seemed to go well, recovery it hard but am doing ok. Been very non-stop here with follow-ups, checkups and whatnot so hardly been online at all, I;ll get more active once all this stuff calms down but for now priority is recovery and rest. Hoping I might be able to start face-toface sessions again in december, not jan as expected… so opportunity to get whipped for christmas 😉

I’m posting random pics from my trip on my tumblr here:


No more face-to-face sessions now till after surgery…

Just a quick note to let you know I’m not going to be doing any more face-to-face sessions now till after my surgery. I wasn’t actually planning on stopping at this point but it’s just how it’s worked out with getting STD tested etc so it is what it is.

I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to resume sessions but it will definitely not be before I’m back from Thailand in November, more likely after the New Year or later (if all goes well). If there’s complications it might be later/never.

Obviously I’m hoping everything goes to plan and wishing for a speedy recovery so I can get back to it, but at this point it’s all an unknown….

Till I head off to Thailand in Sept I’ll still be on cam every weekend and the odd week-day as usual…(my adultwork: http://t.co/ZUqE14gzt2)

For those who’ve missed “with-cock” sessions and feel like they’re missing out, I’ve bought some kit to make silicone replicas of my (somewhat) legendary cock…I’ll post pics of progress so watch this space to see how the initial tests go 😉


My SRS (Sex reassignment surgery) booked!

As many of you will know I’ve been wanting this surgery for a long time and finally it’s all booked, deposits paid etc, just waiting for a passport so I can actually get to Thailand to have it done!

It’s planned for early September and will mean I’ll be completely out of action for at least a couple of months, plus obviously if you’ve been considering booking a face-to-face dungeon session and my cock is an important aspect for you, then you best get your skates on and book before September!!!

All-being well I’ll hopefully still be doing doing my thing over cam and in person in the dungeon after I’ve recovered, though obviously till I’m fully healed the cam stuff will be focussing on the chat/fantasy side and control stuff (which it largely is anyway) rather than getting my bits out.

If you’re unable to partake in a face-to-face session and still want to experience getting fucked by me you’ll be pleased to know I plan to make some commemorative dildos moulded from my cock which will be available to buy.

I’m still only at early stages with this and there will likely only be a limited number of them available since they’ll all be hand-made but if you’re interested please let me know by email ([email protected]) or via the contact form.

and on that note I’ll leave you to your imaginations 😉