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Changes to the website, IOS support and more

Hi everyone 🙂

ok so thus far this site has been “gated” – in that none of the content was accessible unless you logged in, whether as guest, free or premium member. That’s been a bit of a hindrance since it means search engines can’t index the site content and hence nobody finds the site unless I send them here or they see the url in my pics, twitter or whatever. It’s also not the most convenient thing for would-be members, some of whom have been left unable to access the site because they couldn’t log in for whatever reason.

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Random short video clip


Ok well it’s been a while since I posted any new video clips but tonight I had been horny on cam for ages and had no clients at the time so thought I’d film the finishing up on my flip cam which happened to be nearby. It’s not fancy and it’s only a short clip but still it’s new 😉

As you may have noticed I don’t normally talk on my previous clips, in fact most of them don’t have any sound at all so this one’s new in that respect too. I’ve been talking a lot more on cam recently so I guess some confidence has come from that….well either way it’s my audio debut lol.

There’s also no editing, no filters, nothing. Of late I’ve tried to avoid photoshopping my pics unless absolutely necessary so this is along the same principles.

Enjoy 🙂

Clip is HERE