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SSL and other upgrades

Just a little note to let you my dear members know that we’re now fully SSL’d up here. That means the filthy things you type on fluxcam are now encrypted in transit. You should see the little padlock icon in the address bar like on other SSL sites.

It should basically work without you having to do anything, where SSL is available it’ll be used. The server which handles fluxcam also runs it’s own SSL so now any inter-server communications are also encrypted too (as well as SSH-tunneled).

There’s still a couple of bugs, but we’re working on those at the moment but [apparently fixed]… so far it seems to be working. We appreciate your patience in the mean time. Enjoy chatting more privately now. More to come soon 😉


Site pretty much finished…apologies for the outages

ok so whilst not very sexy in of itself (unless you’re a geek like me), the website does now seem to be working as intended, the payment processing is live and works, and even the slight stability issues we were having with the “wormhole” should now be resolved too.

There’s a few pages which still need tidying up, and it needs a bit of speed optimisation and I have to implement my spambot-filtering method but they’re relatively minor things which will be fixed over the coming weeks.

The site should work on all platforms and devices, I’ve tested it on every device and browser I have and it works fine, but if you have problems with it please to let me know, either by email or using the contact form.

That’s it from me – I’m going to take the rest of the weekend off from webdev stuff now and have some fun on cam!


Aaaand we’re across to the new site \o/

Finally all the content is across so I’m switching this site live \o/

There’s still some bits of content to be sorted out and there’s still a couple of little technical things I’d like to sort out so there might be a few outages over the next week or so while I work on that, but please bear with me, everything will be shipshape very soon.

The payment/subscription gateway seems to be up and running ok too and there’s still the option of free membership as before.

I’ll still keep a mirror of the old site locally but it looks like migrating user data is going to be a pain in the ass and I don’t even know how many users are still active, so if you haven’t already done so please make a free user account here

This site now has all the galleries, videos, wall-of-shame, selfies and blog posts transferred so should be fully up to speed and should also work much better on a variety of devices, like phones and tablets.

Another major change is that now videos can be downloaded whereas before they would only play (streamed) in the browser. So now you can enjoy the clips offline too.

Finally a big Thank You to everyone who’s supported the old site. The sooner we’re fully across, the sooner I can get back to making new content…and I have some fun ideas in the pipeline 😉


Content notifications fixed..

it seems that the people not getting notifications about new content (e.g. my “I’m going on cam now” type posts) were in fact not down to fluke or emails getting lost, the notifications thingy on the website wasn’t working as it should. That’s now hopefully fixed and if you’re reading this by email then it’s working.

That should mean you’ll get an email each time a new gallery is posted, or a new VOD clip, blog post etc. You can turn the setting off if you prefer by following the link on the right “Edit account” and then the “notifications” tab.

Apologies to those who have missed sessions due to this not working. I’ll be on cam again in a short while – will post when I’m actually on.